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Test chambers - Introduction

Shielded anechoic chambers

High performance anechoic chambers for EMC emission and immunity testing. Superb test reproducibility. New developed full anechoic chambers and semi anechoic chambers with high performance ground plane to simulate an Open Area Test Site (OATS). For more information about anechoic chambers click here.

Performed test

The reflection and resonant conditions in our anechoic chambers are controlled to create the best reproducibility of the performed test. Anechoic chambers are ideal for accurate indoor and precompliance emission and immunity measurements. Testing up to 200 V/m and more.


  • EMC testing (emission and immunity)
  • Antenna measurements
  • Radar cross-section measures
  • Simulated open area testing
  • R&D facilities

Customer Benefits:

  • Full compliance EMC testing
  • EMC Pre compliance testing
  • Turn key solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Testing according Commercial & Military standards
  • Quick service and delivery
  • Flexibility of design according to customer’s wishes
  • Short lead time