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Faraday Cages - Welcome

Since 1985 we continuously develop innovative shielding solutions for Faraday cage building industry all over the world. We design, develop, engineer and construct solutions in the complete frequency range from DC tot 30 Ghz and with performance up to 140 dB. Resulting in technically outstanding, cost-effective cages and components without any concession to quality and durability. Easy to ship and maintain.

Holland Shielding Systems

Faraday Cages is part of the Holland Shielding Systems group. We design and manufacture Shielded doors, prefabricated modular cages, foil based cages , tents and protective clothing. Also a wide range of EMI/RFI shielding products, as 24000 different EMI gaskets, fingerstrips, conductive tapes, honeycomb ventilation panels, PCB shielding shielded windows, and transparent foils.Custom client solutions are most of the time unique combination of our own standard products.

Because of our own in house engineering and production flexibility we are able to solve almost all shielding problems. We stand out by short delivery times, optimal economical solutions, and customization. Our speciallized team of technical engineers will collaborate with you from the design phase through final production to create a unique product serving your needs.

  • Data center
  • Anechoic chambers
  • MRI rooms
  • Neurology lab
  • Neuroscience laboratories
  • EMC test labs
  • Wireless product testing
  • EMI/RFI shielded server rooms
  • Sensitive information protection
  • HEMP & EMP protection
  • Cellular communication devices
  • Immunity & emission test chambers