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Services - Introduction

Faraday cage building Services

We offer a complete test and consultancy service for all aspects of the electromagnetic environment including Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing and analysis. We can perform tests on site and in our own test facility.

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EMI/RFI rediation test

To perform a RF/MF radiation measurement, a large range of measurement equipment is necessary. Holland shielding systems has a large range of measurement equipment and it’s own test facility. By having this broad range of RF/MF measurement equipment and much profession we are able to measure almost everything.

Pre-compliance testing

When you have developed a new electrical device that needs to be tested, these tests are very expensive and for this reason you do not want that this test must be done several times. We can perform a pre-compliance test and when the device will certainly fail the official test we can obtain in several shielding solutions before going for the official final compliance test.

On Site testing

Our measurement equipment can be transported to your location. This is necessary when you want to perform a field strength test on your location.

Are you going to place some sensitive measurement equipment that can be disturbed easily? Start to determine if the location where you want to place the measurement equipment is arranged.

Analysis to the latest standards, please see table below for more information.

Vibration surveys

Measuring and analyzing the vibration and shock criteria which occur at a present or proposed installation site for precision equipment such as a precision machine tool. Analyses include actual test data outlining the frequency and corresponding amplitude of acceleration, velocity and displacements which may cause potential problems. We can even solve the problem by placing shock absorbers when a potential problem exist.

For further information on Electro magnetic field measurement we refer to our brochure which you can find and download under 'Downloads' -> 'Brochure/catalog'. Click here to download catalog.