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Electromagnetic Fields in Physiotherapy

The level of the maximum admissible intensity values (MAI) of EMF (Electromagnetic fields) in the working environment established by law requires a moni­toring of these levels to ensure appropriate protection against their harmful effects.

In these workplac­es there is a need to use different forms of shielding, includ­ing individual protection during the work of short-wave diathermy.

Application of Electrically Conductive Textiles as Electromagnetic Shields in Physiotherapy

Elec­trically conductive textiles made from fibres differ from each other in electric properties. Measu­ring the shielding effectiveness of these fabrics showed application applications as electromagnetic shields. For instance in physiotherapy at short-wave and microwave diathermy. Recently, electrically conductive textiles have been developed for different appli¬cations. In one of these areas, we may use their property of attenuating electromag¬netic fields (EMF) in the form of textile shielding materials.


  • textiles for clothing protective against high-frequency EMF,
  • less conductive textiles which carry away static charges from clothing or equipment (as often used in the semi¬conductor industry),
  • shielding curtains and wall covers for protecting rooms in special buildings (military, banks etc.).