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MRI rooms details

As a leader in the medical shielded enclosure industry, Faraday cage Building. has the experience, practical knowledge, advanced techniques, and graet design ideas necessary to build dependable, state-of-the-art MRI facilities.

Faraday cage Building. has the flexibility to provide you with shielding materials to act as your cost-effective, single-source solution. As a single-source provider, we coordinate all aspects of the process such as design the system, provide quality materials, install the components, and conduct final RF compliance testing.

Performance characteristics (Depending on the construction)

Magnetic field 90dB @ 200 MHz
Electric field 100dB from 10 Mhz to 50 Mhz
Plane Wave 100dB from 50 Mhz to 10 Ghz
These values are measured under laboratory conditions. In your situation results may differ, please read our Guarantee.

Fast Facts

Product Faraday Cage Building: MRI shielding
Usage MRI treatment and research rooms
Construction Galvanized modular panel system, copper modular panel system, soldered copper sheet system
Site Options / Components Faraday Cage Building: doors, patient-view windows/skylights, HVAC waveguide vents, pipe penetration waveguides, utilities shielding, EMI rated power line and signal electrical filters, magnetic shield calculations and modeling, site design, backlit panels


Customization Complete range of solutions to meet unique shielding requirements and site conditions
Quality Assurance Guarantee that all shielding enclosures and materials will meet your specifications
Design Expertise We have a team of dedicated professionals with extensive shielding experience
Safety All safety and health regulations are respected
Testing Conduct RF qualification and acceptance tests as well as a ground isolation test at the completion of installation

Please send us your Autocad drawings and we we will throw an expert eye on the drawings.

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