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Audiology test room – sound proof rooms

Hearing evaluations include an assessment of a person’s hearing to determine if there is a loss of hearing. During a hearing evaluation you do not want unnecessary sounds which can influence the result of the hearing evaluation. Hearing tests can be disturbed when radiative tests are conducted in adjacent rooms. Radiation can influence electronic testing equipment and cause measurement malfunctions and unreliable test results, for example with brainstem evoked response audiometry (BERA) tests.

We also supply special ventilation panels to screen RF waves. A shielded vent panel is needed for fresh air ventilation in your faraday cage or sound proof room. For ventilation panels see our website:

Anechoic chamber

In a soundproof room (anechoic chamber), one can for example test the functionality and the ability to recognize the direction of sound. For more information about Anechoic chambers click here. These special chamber systems for doctors and audiologists to test and measure human hearing can be custom designed to any requested specification. The chambers can also be used for testing medical equipment for compliance with electromagnetic immunity standards.

Do you want us to make you an offer for an evaluation room? Please send us your specifications. Click here for more information about EMI/RFI shielding rooms.