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Currents result in magnetic fields

With our long experience in both electromagnetic engineering and metallurgical specification, we are able to offer a full range of magnetic shielding products - from small components of less than 3mm to multiple layer zero gauss chambers and shielded rooms.

Also important for Nano- labs where the smallest magnetic field will disturb the process. We assist during the building of Nano labs with monitioring the magnetic fields in all 3 directions.

The majority of our magnetic shields are manufactured from Mu-ferro HD , however, depending upon the requirement and specification, shields can be made from Muferro HD, This extreme permiabilaty makes it suitable to achieve major shielding efficiency with only little space required. It is also sometimes necessary to manufacture a magnetic shield in a combination of these materials over different layers in order to achieve the necessary field reduction.

We make for transformer rooms in buildings special materials which are cost effective. New European regulations limit the field strength for building in industry, schools, private homes, but also for childcare centers. Special for new buildings are total different rules and figures. These values differ on country and situation, our engineers will be glad to help you with intrepetations of the regulations and official reccomendations.

When power cables are near to sensitive equipment This can cause interfirence or mailfunctions. For this we produce shielded truckings. For magnetic shielding on pcb we make little boxes of thin foil ( 0.023mm). This amorphous material which is not sensitive for mechanical stress and bending and also used to wrap around cables.

Magnetic Shields can provide a complete solution to your magnetic interference problem; from design assistance, technical advice and on-site visits and speciallized measurments, through to manufacture and heat treatment. We believe it is of great importance for our clients to know that the specialist final heat treatment required in producing magnetic shielding is carried out and controlled "in-house" without any requirement for sub-contract operations.

Whether your requirement is for high volume magnetic shielding typically used within electronics and automotive industries, or for singular research shields, we have the ability to produce the shield you require on time and within budget.

Magnetic low frequency: Cost-effective shielding

High performance magnetic shielding solutions. Faraday cage building. has developed a new range of low frequency magnetic shielding solutions specific for power supply systems as power transformers and other high current applications.


  • Power supply systems (transformers)
  • Power consumption systems
  • Primair aluminium production facilities
  • Chloride electrolysis
  • All other sites where high currents generate magnetic fields

Customer Benefits:

  • Can easily be applied in new buildings and retrofitting in existing buildings
  • Cost-effective
  • Reducing harmful magnetic radiation
  • Quick service and wordwide delivery

Company profile:

  • Worldwide project & service
  • Experienced staff
  • Own test facility