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Analyses of mobile phones and other equipment

Modern mobile devices have a lot of remote management features, including a full wipe of the data of the phone and SIM/USIM card.

We produce investigation rooms and boxes for forensic applications so that the devices can't make contact with the outside word.

Since mobile phones change very quickly in size and way how to operate (Google glass), it's better to take it into the room with the investigator him/her selves.
In that case you need a Faraday cage with a lock, so that always a door is closed when personnel enter the room.

Another approach is that the phones are fully shielded in separate boxes and can be stored under power.

This to get full date retrieval to save all data on the cell phone, SIM/ USIM and eventual memory cards.

Therefore it is important that base station cannot create contact with the phones during transport and that the phone will not be switched off.

For transport we have special shielded transport boxes, which should be on board of every police vehicle.

In case it is not possible to take the phone from the victim we also produce blankets to cover the victim to prevent the cell phone from connecting before it is saved in a shielded box and transported to the laboratory and ensure it is court -admissible.

Data which is important to save:

  • Dialed, missed and received call including times and duration;
  • Messages like sms, Whats-app and other ways of communication with its times;
  • Names of contact and the phone numbers;
  • Data like email addresses, residential addressed;
  • "Secret codes", bank information, details of pins, credit card numbers;
  • Digital payment data;
  • Photos and other graphics.

Legal firms and lay enforcement officials realize that it is important to get all these data and that these data have a greatly effect on the outcome of a trial.