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Fully protected NEMP & HEMP systems

Due to the extreemly wide frequency range where our systems and components have optimal preformance in we are capable of supplying any kind of HEMP and NEMP type of security shielding system.

Military applications: Cost-effective EMI/RF shielding

High performance EMP shielding solutions, latest development of a new range of faraday cages, offering not only EMI shielding but also protection against EMP (electromagnetic pulse).


  • EMP Bunkers
  • Shielded Shelters
  • Communication Shelters
  • Mobile EMI/RF shielding containers
  • Command centers
  • Anechoic faraday cage for military product testing (e.g. missiles and satellite

Customer Benefits:

  • Can be constructed with local skilled people
  • Suitable for hazardous environments
  • Easy transportable
  • Soldier proof constructions
  • Meeting MIL-standards
  • Short lead time
  • Electromagnetic pulse proof
  • Quick service and worldwide delivery
  • Compact Prefab solutions
  • Classified environments

Company profile:

  • Worldwide project & service
  • All shielding disciplines
  • Experienced staff
  • Own test facility