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Fully protected mobile communication units as aluminium container or moblile tent

All build completely to your requrements. Together with our engineering team we can set up a threat and risk analysis to determine the minimal and maximal shielding performace required for your specific needs.

EMI Shelter

The EMI Shelter protects sensitive electronic equipment from the effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), and contains Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals generated by equipment within. EMI Shelters also reduce the potentially damaging effects of a High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) and the harmful effects of electrical coupling that can be caused by Near Strike Lightning (NSL).

Aluminium shelter features

Buidling has state of the art Design and Manufacturing facility to produce Integrated Mobile Shelters for use by Defence, Telecom and Health among other sectors. Our Integrated Mobile Shelters are rugged, and easy for rapid movement by road, rail, sea and air and almost ready for deployment and operation. These mobile shelters meet MIL standards and can be EMI shielded and NBC protected as per customers specifications. We offer pre-insulated and prefabricated shelters to the Defense services for use as Expandable Mobile Shelter (EMS), EMI Shelters, Mobile Medical Unit (MMU), Filed Office Shelter (FOS), Mobile Communication System (MCS), Telecom Shelters, Mobile Power Units (MPU) and Site Offices.

Shelters are assembled with panels of PUF sandwiched and Aluminum sheets for floors, roofs and walls. These panels are assembled along with the accessories like profiles, angles and ISO Corners. The sandwich panels embedded with grid structure are light in weight, yet very strong.

Tent Shelter Features:

  • Interior cover, floor and doors are constructed from independently-tested RFI blocking material for a completely enclosed shield.
  • Includes greater than -50dB attenuation of RFI over a frequency range of 150MHz to 3.0GHz.
  • Robust grounding system protects personnel from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and Electrical System Fault.
  • High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) protection significantly reduces electromagnetic pulse effects to protect internal equipment.
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS) available to mitigate the risks of direct lightning strike to the shelter.
  • Operable in weather extremes from -60ºC til 80 C
  • EachEMI Shelter can be integrated with a special Utility Support Transport (UST) Trailer to provide a seamless power and environmental control package.
  • EMI Shelters are available in C, S, XB and M Shelter variants, offering 10 to 70 m2 of usable space.